Торговая площадка Украины
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  • KrAZ Bumar Famaba 6х6
    25,000 $
  • Mal 58149Z
    2,400,000 UAH
  • XCMG XE15U 1
    50,000 UAH
  • Merlo P 55.9 CS
    49,900 €
  • XCMG LW500 1
    68,000 $
  • XCMG QY25K5 1
    250,000 $
  • a Technique that is in this category that are directly used to solve the tasks that were set in the fields of construction, road works, transport, transport.

    Extensive class of machinery can be divided into a large number of subclasses. From the main list of special equipment it is possible to allocate the category: trailers, self-propelled machines, special-purpose vehicles stationary. Depending on the sector of application, it is possible to allocate following directions: the production of concrete and its pouring, repair and paving, lifting materials at a fixed height, transport heavy goods, loading unloading of materials.

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