Торговая площадка Украины
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  • Ставприцеп 8594-01
    520,000 UAH
  • PTS 4
    150,000 UAH
  • PTS 4  с надставными бортами
    155,000 UAH
  • KamAZ 45 м. куб.
    390,000 UAH
  • PTS 6
    220,000 UAH
  • ALBION 26 Трейлер для сельскохозяйственного применения
    885,500 UAH
  • the varieties of equipment you can also include the trailer. It is used for transporting different types of cargo in a roadtrain.

    Very often, the road train consists of tractor and trailer; tractor, semi-trailer and trailer; truck and trailer. If we talk about the design of the trailer, it is fundamentally different from the trailer. The design of the trailer distributes the entire weight evenly on its own axis, coupling the same with equipment occurs only at the beginning of the transportation. Also, the trailer is no built-in motor. At the same time, some trailers have drive wheels: manual or hydraulic.

    Trailers divided into 3 categories: trailer with an open top, a closed trailer and the tank. Each category can have many subcategories, the features of which depend directly on the types of cargo. The trailers also are equipped with different kinds of sensors. The trailer can still be provided to set the loading mechanisma.