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1. Portal Autofore deals with the placement of ads for the sale of commercial vehicles, spare parts and services to the Internet.

2. The subject of sale may be:


- tractors;

- trailers

- semi,



- minibuses;

- the campers;

special equipment

- air appliances;

- agriculture

and utility equipment;

water transport;

- Moto;

retro cars

- car after an accident;


services (avtovykup, avtodokumentov, car insurance, etc.);

products (battery, wheels, parts,tires.)

3. Autofore reserves the right to use your personal data for internal use. Personal data is never used and disclosed only in the case of a request to certain authorities in case of emergency.

4. Service Autofore not responsible for the content of ads and truthfulness of the data placed by the author of the announcement.

the Company immediately responds to the complaints of users who become victims of fraud and gives them instructions about contacting law enforcement.

5. The company is not responsible for posting the information websites post statements (information, data) is certainly not accurate information, the aim of which is to mislead Users of the website and to get financial benefits illegally.

6. At the request of law enforcement, the Company shall immediately and in a short time provides all necessary information (within technical possibilities).

7. The company informs users about the cases of fraud and fraud schemes on the specially created for this site. The company emphasizes that the user must be alert and attentive to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

8. Advertisement may contain a description of only one specific piece of equipment, spare parts or equipment. Entering any other information, such as contacts of the seller, a description of the activities and services of the company, information about other vehicles (parts, equipment) and the other, in the "Additional information" is banned. This information will be deleted, or the ad will be blocked. In this case, payment for ad placement is not refundable.

9. Service Autofore reserves the right to edit ads, and in cases of non-compliance with legislation – to block ads. In this case, payment for the ads is not refundable.

10. Portal Autofore, is not the mediator of the sale of equipment, sale ads listed on the website. All the details of the purchase, it is necessary to find out directly from sellers. Contacts placed in each of the ads.

11. Each registered user of the portal Autofore at check automatically accept the terms of this user agreement.

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