Торговая площадка Украины
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  • Kassbohrer K. STB 39/ 5-11/24
  • Kassbohrer K. STS.SS 32/ 1-10/24
  • LAG 0-3-39l
    19,500 $
  • Kassbohrer  SSL 35/2 – 10/24
  • MAZ АТЗ-12 МАЗ-6312С5
  • When it comes to the transportation of liquid, granular or powder substances – You will not find anything better than the tank.

    in the manufacture of tanks used steel or aluminum alloy. The tank is always closed containers. Often, its volume is not partitioned (spans the entire tank) or it may be divided into compartments, which can carry a completely different matter, without fear that they can blend in. You need to choose the characteristics of the tank depending on the transported substances.

    Our Website provides Your choice of a variety of tanks of different characteristics, with additional equipment in the form of sensors and devices to control.