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System DynaTrac won the gold medal at SIMA 2019

System DynaTrac won the gold medal at SIMA 2019

At Sima 2019 French company Laforge received a gold medal for the DynaTrac system, which provides the location of the equipment directly behind the tractor and does not allow him to stray from the path of movement, for example, on the slopes.

reported fwi.co.uk.

This system connects to the three point linkage of the tractor and separate the implement from the tractor. Using a pair of hydraulic cylinders, it can transfer all traction equipment to compensate for slippage or when working in heavy soil.

DynaTrac can be used with any equipment and units, for example, equipment handling and drills.

the System requires additional GPS module on the equipment to determine the necessary correction, depending on the direction of movement of the tractor.

today, the DynaTrac system is only compatible with tractors rated at 200 HP, but in the nearest plans - creation of models for tractors up to 600 HP According to the manufacturer, this is a simple task, since the software remains unchanged, only need to strengthen the metal.

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