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Floating New Holland T4 exhibited in America

Floating New Holland T4 exhibited in America

Floating tractor New Holland attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition Farm Progress Show.

reported profi.co.uk

today the availability of the tractor, who "walks on water", is not new. It is worth remembering County Seahorse, or Claas, who presented a similar unit in the Netherlands - 4-ton Axos 320 fitted with tyres of Mitas 1250 / 50R32 (rear) and 750 / 55R30 (front).

Not only European farmers and contractors seek to reduce the trace from their tractors and machinery. In North America, gaining popularity of wide tyres on tractors, combines, grain trailers and tanks for transportation of slurries, and Mitas have used this exhibition to highlight the function of patency of its wide tires.

Tire 1000 / 50R25 (front) and 1250 / 50R32 (rear) mounted on New Holland T4.110, without problems held a 6-ton tractor afloat in a specially designed pond depth of 2.5 m.

Exhibition Farm Progress Show, which is held near Boone, Iowa, is one of the largest exhibitions of agricultural equipment in North America.

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