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Merlo will present a new telehandler Roto 50.35 S Plus

Merlo will present a new telehandler Roto 50.35 S Plus

the Company will introduce a new Merlo telescopic loader with a lifting height of 35 m.

reported khl.com

Model Roto 50.35 S Plus has a new folding cockpit with integrated controls, a boom length of 29 m, the maximum lifting capacity of 4.94 t, rotational turret 360 degrees and a new security system.

Modular cockpit features a curved windshield and has the ability to tilt forward 20 degrees, which increases the viewing angle of the operator with full boom. For greater operator comfort, the cab interior has been increased by 10%.

the functions of the loader are controlled via an interactive electronic capacitive joystick, which is located on the multifunction armrest. The rotation of the tower is now managed by using a little mouse on the joystick. The armrest has two sensors which automatically detect the presence of the operator's hands, preventing incorrect or accidental movements of the joystick.

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