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Manitou has received two bronze medals at SIMA 2019

Manitou has received two bronze medals at SIMA 2019

At Sima 2019 the company Manitou has received two bronze medals for the Stop function of Eco, which is available on the technique series MLT, and solutions for decommissioning machines Manitou.

reported agropolska.pl.

the Eco Stop Function automatically switches off the engine at idle and in the absence of the operator in the cab. The idle time is set for the period from 1 to 30 min Eco Stop was developed to reduce the wastage of fuel and excessive wear of the engine and its components. The function is activated and deactivated by pressing the button DSB. It is available in almost all range of forklift MLT, and can also be installed on machines manufactured from September 2018

the Second award was given to innovative solutions for decommissioning equipment Manitou. This process is based on three main components. The first is organizational, in which up to 22% reduced the time required for dismantling of machine parts. The second is to reduce user costs on the ownership of trucks by increasing their resale value. In this regard, the company has a new direction a REMAN, which specializiruetsya on the refurbishment of used parts. The third component relates to a project, analyzes and determines the impact of this procedure on the environment.

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