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John Deere has released a sprayer GPS PrecisionSprayer

John Deere has released a sprayer GPS PrecisionSprayer

American manufacturer of agricultural machinery John Deere has launched the sprayer GPS PrecisionSprayer that is available exclusively in the line of ProGator.

reported on official website John Deere.

"the John Deere has over 20 years experience with GPS, which was extremely important when creating a GPS PrecisionSprayer. We were able to use our knowledge in GPS technology to develop a solution that increases the performance and accuracy of the spraying, and reduces labor and material costs," — said product Manager, John Deere Brooks Hastings.

This sprayer has functions such as AutoTrac, publicly available coverage maps and control of individual nozzles.

GPS Function PrecisionSprayer AutoTrac helps to process pre-determined areas in less time and with greater accuracy. The control of the individual nozzles minimizes mistakes when spraying and reduces operator fatigue since it does not need to focus on manual turning on and off sections. Using GPS PrecisionSprayer, the individual nozzles can be combined using the AutoTrac Guidance system.

With GPS technology PrecisionSprayer users can create coverage maps that can be shared with multiple devices, eliminating the overlap and increasing productivity. PrecisionSprayer uses GPS satellite technology with defined borders with RTK navigation.

Another advantage of the sprayer GPS PrecisionSprayer is the ability to receive in electronic form all the data about the process of spraying and the analysis of results, simplify documentation.

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