John Deere has updated software and features Machine Sync

John Deere has updated software and features Machine Sync

to improve automation, performance and security displays the Generation 4 CommandCenter 4600 and 4640 Universal Displays the John Deere company released a software update 19-1 Gen 4.

reported on website company.

the updated version of the Gen 4 display shows the area and estimated time of completion of the work. The operator in manual mode from the cockpit to enter data about the weather and field conditions. You can also add information about the speed and direction of wind, weather, field conditions and the condition of the soil and the change of these indicators during the day. When used together with JDLink Connect made information can be viewed on any device connected to the network through John Deere Operations Center and mobile app MyOperations.

"With this version of the display on the Gen 4 is compatible with a large number of John Deere equipment, including forage harvesters series 8000 and 9000. It also allows you to record data about the weather and field conditions expands the functionality and automation of AutoTrac for more equipment, and also provides an additional level of security," said marketing Manager of precision agriculture technologies John Deere John Miller.

in addition, customers can use the AutoTrac and AutoTrac Automation Turn Implement with Guidance SeedStar 4. These applications allow the operator to automate the control and rotation number, which provides a faster, easier and more accurate turn performance and observance of the specified route.


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