Dewulf will demonstrate three-point hitch planter

Dewulf will demonstrate three-point hitch planter

At SIMA 2019 Belgian manufacturer of agricultural machinery Dewulf will present a hinged version of the potato Structural 30.


Structural 30 is considered to be the world's first three-row mounted potato planter belt seed devices. The towed version was presented in late 2017.

According to the manufacturer, the hinged version is as easy to use as trailed. Structural 30 can realize accurate sowing at speeds up to 12 km/hour. The novelty has better maneuverability in tight turns.

the Unit is equipped with a sensor for depth adjustment. Hopper capacity is 1.5 t tractor Power to work with Structural 30 should be 175 HP (minimum), and performance of hydraulics — 50 l/min.


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