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Chapman introduced the hinged feeder MF350

Chapman introduced the hinged feeder MF350

the Company Chapman Machinery has introduced a new model of a hinged feeder MF350.

reported fwi.co.uk.

the company's portfolio now has a trailer version of TF which is used in practically the same hardware, but this time a 300-liter hopper was designed specifically for mounting on a truck chassis.

the design of the MF350 allows not to use the faucets for the movement of bulk materials. The unit is equipped with the proven dosing system, which the company produces since 2012

This system can throw a 2 kg feed and uses an electrical controller for regulating the throughput.

Exhaust outlets are located between the drawbar of the trailer and the paths of the wheels. This means that if necessary the unit can be combined with a trailer to transport feed.

the Advantage of this design is the low loading height and large rear visibility from the driver's seat.

MF350 is fully galvanized and has a sealed electrical system, allowing it to be used on farms in the winter.

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